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Useful information

There is a right spot for everyone in Bulgaria, no matter what social status you posess and what your preferences, hobbies or financial capabilities are, you can find such a place in our country.
It’s our job to suggest the proper one to you.
We have described and photographed every tourist-related business or service and provide you with its owner’s contact information. We give you the much needed answers to the questions that occur while planning your holiday trip and thus we bring you closer to the dreamt vacation! Knowing in advance the details about lodging, nearest restaurants and shops, tourist attractions, transportation to related destinations and medical services frees your mind from worries and lets you fully relax.
The climatic conditions of Bulgaria allow a person to indulge in relaxation and sunbathing during the summer season, which lasts from march to september. We recommend picking the right months in such a way that the temperatures differs no more than 10 degrees Celsius compared to the location you arrive from.
May, June and September are the most calm monts, with less tourists, the sea water is clear as a swimming pool. July and August are busy with tourists and sea water is more cloudy. In August the sea currents produce stronger waves.
We suggest You plan your vacation between May and the middle of June. Those of You who prefer the calm days at the end of the summer with their tranquility and sence of stillness should choose September. During these periods prices are traditionally lower and the client is treated with more attention.
The temperatures in Bulgaria per month are:
Month Air °С (mid-day) Water °С Rainy days per month
May 21 16 7
June 26 20 3
July 28 24 3
August 28 26 3

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The currency in Bulgaria is LEV. 1 LEV = 100 stotinki.
The money exchange should be executed only in banks and exchange offices. Do not change money with persons in the street. After significant changes in the law system in the country, this activity is now organized far more safely for the tourists. Usually the exchange offices are opened 7 days a week, while the banks are working only Monday to Friday.
Checks can be redeemed in banks but a valid ID document is needed.
The credit cards that are most often used are: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners club. You can use them mainly in hotels and shops. For paying for rooms in family houses, rest houses, apartments or for lunch in the nearby small restaurants use cash.