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Malko Tarnovo is located 76 km south of Bourgas and 5 km from the border with the Republic of Turkey. Its population consists of 3527 inhabitants. It is situated in the heart of Strandzha mountain and all falls within the… See more

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Malko Tarnovo and the surrounding area offer primarily entertainment in nature - picnicking, fishing, hunting, walk in the welcoming Strandzha Mountain ... And those who like gambling – they can visit the casino.

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In this section you will find places we visited, reviewed and recommend for accommodation. And as people say, "Ours cannot be bad"!

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In Malko Tarnovo and its vicinity are numerous archaeological finds, museums, temples:

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    Casino “Malko Tarnovo”

    Casino "Malko Tarnovo" is situated near the bus station in the town of Malko Tarnovo. The hall is equipped with slot machines and roulette. Free bar and comfortable atmosphere. Working around the clock.

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    Casino  “Malko Tarnovo”