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Food and beverage

The restaurants in Bulgaria are of different kind and are suitable for people with different tastes and money capabilities. You can choose among the modest food bars, where servicing is mainly friendly than exquisite, luxury restaurants with all the different specialties in the menu or the so popular lately beach bars and discotheques, where the party continues till morning.

All the restaurants posses a hygienic control system that is regularly checked by the local authorities.

The prices: Most often the breakfast  will cost you between 5 and 8 lv, lunch from 10 to 15 and supper from 10 to 20 lv per person. You will be able to choose the national Bulgarian kitchen as well as international one. Whatever you choose you will stay completely satisfied.

Bulgaria is world famous by producing fruits and vegetables. The fish from the Black sea is preferred from Bulgarian people and from tourists all over the world, and the meat that is served is checked and with guarantied origin.

The night clubs will offer you a great variety of alcohol and alcohol-free cocktails, very reasonably priced served in pleasant atmosphere.