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We strongly advice all foreign tourists who spend their holiday in Bulgaria to possess a valid medical insurance for traveling abroad. Please check all the conditions of your insurance policy.

In case of emergency, and life threatening situation, no matter whether do you posses an insurance or not you can always use the phone 112.

For all EU citizens the blue European Health Insurance Card  provides free treatment mainly in the government hospitals. A significant part of the private hospitals do not accept the EHIC. In case of treatment needed, the tourists may contact their insurance agent, who may point them to the hospital with which the insurance company has a contract and thus the patient will not be forced to pay himself for the treatment received. Please pay attention that some of the insurance companies do not cover the costs for treatment of some of the most often received illnesses – as dermatitis, insects bite, allergies, sunburns etc. Also it is very common for the insurance not to cover injuries received after consuming alcohol.