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The town was founded under the name of Anhialo at the end of the V century BC. Many of its inhabitants were Thracians. Since its inception until the beginning of the last century it has been one of the most… See more

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Lovers of nightlife will not be disappointed - there is a variety of clubs with different themes and aimed for visitors with different musical preferences - House and Dance, Live Music, Rock, Pop, Folk.


In any seaside resort Pomorie able to ride a pedalo or jet on the beach, take your children to romp in the children's center or just stroll along the promenade.

Be sure to visit!

Pomorie is so rich in sights too that you should have plenty of time if you want to see everything. Here are some of the mandatory places to visit:

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Our team is made up of connoisseurs of good food, so you can be assured that you will not be disappointed by choosing any of the restaurants that we have selected.

Where to stay?

In this section you will find places we visited, reviewed and recommend for accommodation. And as people say, "Ours cannot be bad"!

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