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Taxi company "Burgas"

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Taxi company "Burgas"

Make the right choice! Call "Bourgas taxi"!

The company has 70 new cars, all in excellent condition, with air conditioning, with all insurances.

"Burgas Taxi" completes transportation, the service includes meeting and dispatching to the airport, railway station etc. As well as sightseeing for the guests of Burgas.

-Provides supplies, shopping - according conditions agreed in advance with the manager.

-Send flowers using our company.

-Return the car to the house.

In the event that you are unable at the time to drive your personal vehicle, "Burgas taxi" will return it home. For transportation you must submit the complete documentation of the car to the driver /vehicle registration card, check stub to sign roadworthiness, insurance, vinette etc./

The dispatch center will take your orders by phone and e-mail.

Extras and amenities

  • Air conditioning
  • Pets allowed
  • Phone orders

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