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Castle "In love with the wind" - Ravadinovo

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There are places for which words are powerless. One of them is the castle "In love with the wind." In the small village of Ravadinovo, 2 km from Sozopol, Georgi Tumpalov realized his childhood dream – he built a fairy-tale castle buried in greenery with a huge garden, a lake with swans and superb beauty in exquisite details. 

This is the only castle existing in Bulgaria. According to Prof. B. Dimitrov, the castle of Henry of Flanders used to be in the surroundings here, but no detailed studies have been executed yet. 

Construction began back in 1996. The place attracted Georgi Tumpalov magnetically, and the idea of the castle occured spontaneously. He drew the sketch on the ground and it goes ... As much as 20,000 tons stones were used in the building - hand landed from Strandzha mountain, aged about 65 million years. According to geological researches these rocks contain traces of micro-diamonds and probably this is the reason why the castle constantly changes its color - in the morning it shows tinges of pink, during the day it is white, and at full moon it shines ...

At the entrance you will be welcomed by the statue of the knight Tumpel, and on its pedestal you will read the Revelation:

"I am a stranger from a distant land, and on the way I carried you in my heart, kept you hidden in my soul, like a mother keeps her child. I long wore you in a dream of mine and I built you stone by stone, and I can see you now standing in front of me - "In love with the wind" fairy castle.”

The huge garden abounds in local and exotic flowers, trees and shrubs. Georgi’s wife takes care of selecting and combining them with love and skill. The garden is rich in many fountains and ponds as well - each of them has its long tale: for the waterfall eagle pond it is believed that if one throws a coin in it, it will help him take a difficult exam; if one throws a coin in the "Cup of the giant", it will give him faith that he will not be hungry or thirsty through the year; the great love will come to you you if you throw a coin in the "Fountain of runaway grace" ... 

"Tumpel Knight" built a church in the courtyard of his castle - it has unique iconostasis and icons with baroque elements, created by the court painter and poet who entertains visitors with his attractive clothing from that distant era.

The castle "In love with the wind" keeps its doors opened for weddings, birthday parties, it is a favorite spot for photos and graduating students.


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